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The GuardTop Advantage

Since 1983, GuardTop has built its reputation on producing specially formulated, premium quality and environmentally friendly asphalt sealcoat with a deep and long-lasting color, firm body and exceptional durability.  GuardTop will keep asphalt surfaces looking consistently great for years to come, while preserving the integrity of the underlying asphalt and base course.

Sustainability and Going Green

GuardTop is committed to sustainability. Whenever possible, our products are manufactured using recycled materials and are always environmentally friendly and free of any toxins and carcinogens.  In further efforts to go green, CoolSeal, a lighter colored, high solar reflectivity sealcoat was created to reduce surface temperatures and help fight global warming.

High Quality Performance

Heat, cold, rain, traffic and ultraviolet rays break down the binders holding asphalt surfaces together.  GuardTop has been specifically engineered to provide long-lasting protection against deterioration to preserve pavements, lower lifecycle costs. We take pride in producing premium quality sealcoat products offering a deep and long-lasting color, firm body and exceptional durability.

Our Mission at GuardTop is to manufacture and provide safe and environmentally friendly sealcoat products that exceeds industry quality standards, while maintaining a family climate that values our employees, partners and customers.


Years In Service!

275 Million Sq.ft.

Sealcoat Applied in 2016!

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