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Since 1983, GuardTop’s innovative chemists have been producing environmentally friendly, durable and long lasting quality asphalt protection. Specially formulated from unique base stocks, GuardTop’s difference can be seen immediately in its rich color, consistency and performance.

The GuardTop Advantage

GuardTop has built its reputation on producing premium quality asphalt sealcoat products offering a deep and long-lasting color, firm body and exceptional durability.   GuardTop will keep your asphalt surfaces looking consistently great for years to come, while preserving the integrity of the underlying asphalt and base course.

Performance and Longevity

GuardTop sealcoat products are specifically engineered to be long-lasting, and withstand the rigors of vehicle traffic and weather.   We can demonstrate how you can preserve your pavement beautifully with GuardTop, and lower your lifecycle costs.

High Quality Appearance

GuardTop gives your asphalt an outstanding appearance that shows customers and clients your commitment to quality.

Long Lasting Protection

Asphalt surfaces are in a constant state of deterioration. Heat, cold, rain and the sun’s ultraviolet rays break down the binders that hold the surface together. GuardTop provides long lasting protection for your pavement.

Go GREENER with CoolSeal by GuardTop

GuardTop is committed to sustainability, using recycled materials whenever possible in our products, and reducing environmental impacts caused by replacing asphalt surfaces.  We now offer CoolSeal – a lighter colored, higher reflectivity sealcoat product that lowers surface temperatures.

Healthier for People and the Planet

GuardTop is non-flammable and completely coal tar free. GuardTop asphalt sealcoat has been the predominant choice in Southern California for the last four decades. Coal tar is now being phased out of many asphalt maintenance products nationwide. For more information on coal tar visit USGS and EPA.

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