Tire Rubber Modified Surface Sealer (TRMSS) is a high-quality, asphalt emulsion sealer that utilizes 20-27 recycled tires per lane mile and provides excellent UV protection and weather resistance. It is a stable, environmentally friendly, ready to use sealer allowing for a quick release to traffic and has a proven track record of success.

A durable sealer that provides superior asphalt protection and extends the service life of pavement. Dries to a matte black finish.

How To Use TRMSS

Primarily for use on highways, highway shoulders, city streets, county roads and airports, TRMSS can be applied over chip seals and raveling slurry seal to lock in loose aggregates.

Like GuardTop’s other products, TRMSS is easily applied. Prior to sealing, the pavement surface should be cleared of any excess dirt and debris and any and all asphalt repairs should be completed.

Additional Benefits

  • Extends Service Life: using TRMSS can increase pavement lifespan by 3-6 years
  • UV Protection: TRMSS provides outstanding protection even under the harshest of conditions
  • Easy Application: single coat application dries quickly allowing for a quick release to traffic
  • Durable: resistant to tire scuffing and tracking
  • Recycling: each lane mile of TRMSS contains 20-27 recycled tires
  • Low Cost: TRMSS costs pennies per square foot
  • Unique Formulation: high viscosity and resistance to running on sloped surfaces

Tires recycled in 2018

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For additional information, please contact: Jeff Luzar at 949-573-0445 or Brian Barnum at 602-469-0172

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