Property Managers

Welcome Property Managers

When you work with GuardTop® you will notice a difference. For example, we support you from the specification phase through completion as well as Quality Assurance and Quality Control. We work hard to ensure you get a quality product and a quality application, every time.

GuardTop sealcoat is a trademarked name with a proprietary formula of ingredients, therefore a so-called equivalent product may not actually have the same characteristics or result. When developing sealcoat specifications for your property, follow these three simple steps to achieve a high quality, long lasting GuardTop surface:

  • Specify, “GuardTop and no other product will be accepted,” and demand to see receipts for product purchasing.
  • Contact GuardTop at (877) 948-2738 or at for a list of preferred applicators.
  • GuardTop is also available for pavement engineering referrals or assistance with specification writing.

Feel free to contact us. We are available to assist you at your convenience. (877) 948-2738

Need High Quality Asphalt Sealcoat Material?

Deep and long-lasting color, firm body and excellent durability.