Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at GuardTop! Wishing you all a blessed time with family and friends. We have so much to be thankful for because of the freedoms given to us in this amazing country. In keeping with this season of thanksgiving, our GuardTop family has shared what they are thankful for this year.

Bob Koleas, CEO: “I am thankful and proud of the great GuardTop team and every team member. It’s a pleasure to work with this group that make GuardTop the respected organization that it is.”

Mark Happ, CFO: “The thing I am most thankful for is a loving family. The second thing would be good health. The third would be the good fortune to have been born into a country that values democracy, freedom of speech and of religion and a country that gives every citizen the ability to grow and prosper based on their desire and capabilities.”

Jeff Luzar, Vice President of Sales: “I am thankful for the wonderful family I have.  My wife Kathy, great kids Matt and Megan, Bellatrix the crazy puppy and new in laws of Gabby and Andrew.  I am also thankful for my two new dogs, Foghat and Blanco. I am extremely grateful for my work family.  I was thinking the other night that some people wake up every day and go to a job that they just can’t stand and for me, it is the polar opposite.  Every day I get to spend with people like Bob and Laura who I repeatedly say that everyone should be so lucky to have two people like them in their lives.  I am thankful for Sandy and Taylor, Natasha, Katie, Davis Thomas, Mark, Roberta, Lang, Joe, and that doesn’t include all the wonderful people at Advantage, I mean geez Louise, how lucky I am to be a part of such a great group of people.  This does not include all my customers who many of which have become some of my best friends.  Tom and Darin G, Mark S, The Premier Gang, The Caliber Gang, Lars, Tim C and Jake, Bill and Liz, Johnny and Billy,…..I can go on and on and on.  They are all fantastic people!! I am thankful for all my crazy brothers and sister that make me laugh on a daily basis in some way. I am thankful to live in the best place on earth. I am thankful for all I have possession wise. I am thankful!!

Laura Koleas, CCO: “I am thankful that both my children and their spouses now live in Orange County and that Bobby & I have the opportunity to work alongside Katie, Davis, Natasha and the rest of our amazing GuardTop team as we all grow GuardTop together.”

Sandy Spezzaferri, Director of Human Resources: “I’m most thankful for grace, my husband, family, good health, music, books, church, hope, community, food, prayers, neighbors, work and where I live”

Taylor Robustelli, Office Manager: “I’m thankful for many, many things, but at the top of my list I am thankful for my loved one’s good health and happiness.”

Anne Miller, Accounting: “I am thankful the good Lord helped me w/perseverance this year in dealing with moving my mom to AZ – she is at a good place and my family is more at peace!”

Katie Scott, Communications Assistant: “I’m thankful for God’s unending grace, to be back home in California and to have the privilege of working with my family and friends. I’m grateful for my incredible husband and family that loves and supports me daily and for all the wonderful blessings, opportunities and freedoms that have been afforded to us in this country.”

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