What is EduMarking?

Edumarking separates itself from traditional playground markings because it is not a paint! EduMarking is a non-slip, non-toxic, thermoplastic playground coating. Playground designs offered by EduMarking bring learning outside, spark imagination and increase creativity.

GuardTop is a proud partner of EduMarking and offers a wide variety of colorful, interactive designs to boost creativity and create an engaging and fun learning environment.

Benefits of EduMarking:

  • Low maintenance
    • EduMarking is a thermoplastic product with a long history of durability and high performance throughout the construction industry
  •  Low Cost
    • EduMarking lasts up to 10x longer than traditional paint playground markings and doesn’t chip
  • Encourages Creativity
    • EduMarking designs utilize vibrant colors and unique designs to bring children outside
    • Spark creativity and movement through educational designs and game tracks
  • Educational
    • All of EduMarking designs incorporate math, science, world or U.S. geography, spelling and physical activity
    • Brings learning outdoors while incorporating games
  • Safe
    • More than 10,000 applications worldwide
    • Non-skid technology, compounded for foot traffic

Some available design items are:

  • Hopscotch
  • Compass or Compass with clock
  • Mirror Me
  • Caterpillar offered in 1-25 or A-Z
  • Bulls-eye target
  • Number Grid
  • Snake or Dragon (1-25 or A-Z)
  • World Map
  • USA Map
  • Activity Track
  • Multiplication table (10×10)
  • School logo

GuardTop is a proud authorized EduMarking re-seller. For questions please call 877-9GUARDTOP or email

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