Our mission at GuardTop® is to provide materials and services that improve the aesthetics and longevity of pavements without compromising safety or the environment. We provide a higher quality of life by increasing performance in pavements. Through partnerships with contractors, property owners/managers, government agencies and suppliers we make parking lots, roadways, pathways and airports better.

GuardTop produces a high-quality asphalt sealcoat material distinguished by its deep and long-lasting color, firm body and excellent durability.  Since 1983, our chemists and technical staff have carefully guarded the product’s formula and maintained a high standard of quality and consistency.  As a result, GuardTop is recognized in the industry and specified by name by property owners/managers, school districts and many others.

GuardTop is made with the environment in mind. Our formula incorporates recycled materials and is free of hazardous volatiles and carcinogenic additives. Our product preserves pavement, therefore, we play a vital role in reducing dust and waste associated with replacing asphalt surfaces.

We invite you to review the testimonials and project examples on this site and experience the GuardTop advantage firsthand.

Need High Quality Asphalt Sealcoat Material?

Deep and long-lasting color, firm body and excellent durability.