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California Today: A Plan to Cool Down L.A.

Good morning. On sweltering summer days, dark asphalt soaks up the sun and acts like a secondary heater under our feet. That’s why Los Angeles is pushing a novel plan to cool down the city: Turn the streets a different color. The idea of “cool pavements” has been kicking around City Hall for years, but […]

L.A.’s new heat repelling road surface

By: Hal Eisner POSTED: MAY 22 2017 08:33PM PDT UPDATED: MAY 22 2017 11:06PM PDT It looks like a light color paint being spread across the street. It’s not paint, though. It is a material known as cool-pavement produced by a Dana Point company from recyclable materials. It was applied to a stretch of road in Canoga Park […]

Keeping Asphalt Cool

Pavements typically make up 30% to 45% of the land area in major cities and are known to contribute to the urban heat island (UHI) effect since they have high levels of thermal storage and a low reflection of solar radiation. Conventional paving materials can reach peak summertime temperatures of 120°–150° F, transferring excess heat […]

The Radical Plan to Cool Down LA as the World Heats Up

LOS ANGELES — It’s barely 10 a.m. on an August day in Hollywood, and the heat is already becoming oppressive. The temperature’s only in the mid-80s, but in the direct sun it feels hotter—and it’s getting worse by the minute. Part of the reason is the ground. The black asphalt of this side street off Sunset […]

Could PAINT be the answer to global warming? America’s streets could soon be white as California pioneers ‘cool pavements’ to tackle the extreme heat effects of climate change

LA is pioneering a pilot scheme to try and cool the city by painting its streets and pavements with white sealant  The ‘cool pavements’ reflect up to 50 per cent of the sun’s energy compared to 5 per cent for asphalt, and have been shown to reduce temperatures by 15 degrees Bureau of Street Services […]

GuardTop Announces New Distribution Centers in Orange County, CA and Tucson, AZ

GUARDTOP LLC. ANNOUNCES EXPANSION OF GUARDTOP EXPRESS DISTRIBUTION CENTERS INTO ARIZONA AND SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA   DANA POINT, CALIF. (March, 21st, 2017) – GuardTop LLC today announced that it will be opening two new GuardTop Express locations in Tucson, Ariz. and Orange, Calif as it continues to build out its national network of distribution locations. The […]